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In order to look forward—while remaining true to a rich legacy—we took the shapes of the two primary venues associated with the LA Phil, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl and incorporated their features into the anatomy of the logotype. While this was an effort to disconnect a bit from those venues, as the LA Phil is becoming more of a national and international phenomenon—keeping a nod to that legacy is key, while looking forward, to the next 100 years. In order to move away from the more traditional, albeit modern use of a logomark and logotype, we consolidated the shapes and flows of the venues (the old logomark) and the previous font (Frank, used for the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry) and drew a completely new, modern, yet classic bespoke logotype—in hopes it will withstand the next 100 years (or at least a portion).

As the world's most innovative and forward thinking musical organization, these forms and ideas translate down to every initiative and touchpoint, like the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) as well as, what most might consider minuscule, yet important details like pens and paper.

While some of the work is transitional, like the "Our City Our Sound" campaign, leading into the centennial, it all points to the future, and the legacy of Los Angeles, and it's philharmonic orchestra.

We commissioned Colophon Foundry for a version of Aperçu, specific to the LA Phil, with cuts and tracking of some glyphs more in harmony with the logotype. While some pieces in the more transitional pieces remained connected to the old branding typeface families.