Live This Game — NBA

It’s just a game.
But this “game” isn’t like any other.
This game goes beyond the court.
It goes longer than 48 minutes and further than 91 feet.
Scoreboards don’t determine winners and losers.
Results don’t end at the buzzer. Unforgettable plays become iconic moments.
And unforgettable players become icons themselves.
Even the biggest names in soccer, football and tennis idolize these guys.
This game flattens the globe.
Without it, kids around the world wouldn’t know what shoes to wear.
Or what posters to hang on their walls.
It puts fans on the court and puts cities on the map.
It defies stereotypes and the laws of gravity.
It raises hope and raises banners.
It’s bigger than any of us and it’s part of all of us.
Yeah, it’s only a game.
A beautiful, modern, transcendent game.
One you don’t just watch, you live.
Live this game.