Adidas — Take Charge
Campaign Pitch / Visual Center

Concept development
Visual center
Bespoke typography
Graphic design

While working at TBWA, we had adidas as a client within the network, whom tasked us with looking at running culture and connecting the streets and run crews back to the boost technology. In true TBWA fashion, we pulled together a SWAT, which involves bringing in top talent from across the global network, to crack the brief in 48-72 hours. Part of this pitch work was to come up with a visual center and tagline to leverage the unique nature of boost, where every step gets charged with the bounce of the technology.

Take Charge became the leading mantra, which could feed into taking charge of your life, the streets, the night, the hood and everything else conquerable as you run through the streets. Conceptually we came up with street and building elements, the stuff that you see when running either by day or night—informing the bespoke typography and graphic design in three distinct ways, with a very collage like vibe. Leveraging neon, concrete and architecture for "electric", "elements" and "jolt".