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Full time, in every image, insight and word we put out in the world. Everything we do should look fantastic. Everything we produce with the TBWA logo on it should look like it comes from one collective, united in its desire to be disruptive and visually exceptional.

We are The Disruption® Company. And this is our new design style.

Global agency networks are obsessed with client service, not product or outcomes. They seek uniformity: similar offices deliver similar output around the world.

TBWA is a radically open creative collective. Each of our offices has its own personality and special skills. We thrive on our difference, but are united by our common language of Disruption®. We are flexible, fluid and organic. None of us are as good as all of us.

This is the basis for our new corporate identity. We established a very open and modular identity, with only the essentials established, while encouraging interpretation based on culture, taste, language—anything specific or non-specific for a region or office. The core device for this interpretation is the backslash, liberating it to be used as a lens, a portal, an object, a graphic device, a window or an installation.